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We are digitally compliant for the new UK & N.Irish on-line Passport ID Photo Codes - no more guessing if the photo will be accepted - it's authenticated on line, right here in the studio - and your unique code is securely sent to your email address for you to finish your passport application on line, at home.

We've also just added for digital verification: Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Republic of Ireland, & USA

It's quick - and you'll know that the photo has already passed the test !

We also cater for other nationalities - Polish, Canadian, U.S. and others...

Call us on  01453 766660  for an appointment or for more information.

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With the May 2023 local elections approaching, UK voters now require photo ID to vote.

Unfortunately, with the looming passport office strike, many could be prevented from obtaining a passport as a form of identification for the elections.

But we have good news !

We have just added the official 'Voter Authority Certificate' as a new photo ID document. A timely addition that now gives you an alternative form of photo ID.

Our A.I. facial recognition technology automatically crops & resizes your photo to pixel perfect precision, ensuring the correct format and checks it meets the Governments requirements.

The photo code system then securely transfers the photo to you, along with links and instructions to apply for your 'Voter Authority Certificate'.


All this is checked, then forwarded to you before you leave our studio !