A Memento of ‘My Day at The Show


We’re trying something different this year by inviting 5 or 6 contestants to have our photographer document their day at the show.

This involves having photo’s taken ‘behind the scenes’, grooming, feeding, interacting with their mount/s, as well as participating in the jumps / dressage / showing etc.

The results would then be collated into a booklet entitled -

'My Day at The Show 2019'.

All this for a starting price of just £150.

A deposit of £25 (deductable), is required to book our photographer for the day, on a 1st come/paid, 1st served basis.

The selection of the images, upgrades, duplicate books and montages will also be available by private viewing at our studio, after the show.


Phone us on 01453 766660 to be included...